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Perhaps the single greatest ending of any American football game ever. In the wild card playoff game between the Tennessee Titans and the Buffalo Bills, the Bills scored to put themselves up 16-15 with just a few seconds left in the fourth quarter. Barring an incredible play on the ensuing kickoff return, the Bills seemed assured of advancing in the playoffs.

Well it isn't called the Music City Miracle for nothing.

Titans tight end Frank Wycheck fielded the kickoff and ran forward about ten yards. Just as he was about to be tackled, he turned to his left and heaved the ball 30 yards across the field to a waiting Kevin Dyson. Dyson sped down sideline untouched to the end zone to give the Titans an incredible 22-15 win. Or so it seemed.

Immediately the Bills challenged the play, claiming that Wycheck's lateral was actually an illegal forward pass. After many minutes of reviewing the instant replays from various angles, the refs let the original decision of touchdown stand. The Nashville crowd went nuts, but Buffalo fans will go their grave claiming that the ball was thrown forward. For them the Music City Miracle will always be known as The Immaculate Deception.