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This, the tenth song on Living Colour's third full-length album on Epic records, Stain, is an auditory, instrumental explanation of WTFF. WTFF stands for the "What-the-fuck-factor," and is one of the keys to understanding Vernon Reid's style. It, as a concept, and as four letters grouped together, appears on every Living Colour album. The basic explanation of it is that every song or album or composition should have at least one little element to it that makes the listener pause, and say, "What the fuck? What is that/why would anyone do that?"

Well, maybe not "should," but the song definitely has a greater chance of passing my "standards" if it does contain WTFF.

The song was written by all four members of Living Colour (Will Calhoun, Corey Glover, Vernon Reid, Doug Wimbish) and producer/musician Andre Betts.