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this may be too personal

So yesterday I get an enthusiastic email from an online support group
that I haven't visited in five years, reminding me that it was
the seventh anniversary of my hysterectomy.

GUYS READING THIS: Just imagine any medical procedure involving
your private parts that you would rather forget.

The website was pretty small and rinky dink back then, but somewhat helpful.
Now it is totally flashy, overwhelming like Disneyland or any shopping mall I've ever gone in,
full of way too many new rules, and way too purple (and I like purple), but I managed
through the grace of total accident,
to find a few saved conversations. Unfortunately, I couldn't find both halves
of two conversations, and would love to know what I wrote that prompted this reply:

"I'd say that defiantly beets my castle story! WOW!" (sic)