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Author, essayist, philosophist, opium-crazed Sufi nut, ex-Playboy editor, playwright, futurist, exotic dancer and self-proclaimed guerilla ontologist Wilson is still going strong 30 years after the publication of his first book, Playboy's Book of Forbidden Words (source: http://deoxy.org/rawbib.htm. Most famous for Illuminatus Triolgy written with Robert Shea, Wilson is also the author of many wise and witty books which might be found in a number of bookshop sections; I've found him in self-help, new age, psychology and occult, to name a few.

Wilson was a good friend of Timothy Leary, and their ideas cross-fertilised very successfully. See Wilson's Prometheus Rising and Quantum Psychology for excellent discussions of Leary's 8-circuit brain model. The excercises included in these books are (usually) great fun to do, and always interesting.

Three key texts for learning more about Wilson himself are the volumes in the Cosmic Trigger trilogy.
Wilson runs a newsletter, Trajectories, whcih has been published in a variety of media. See http://www.impermanentpress.com/pages2/raw1x.html for more details.

Wilson's own web site is at http://www.rawilson.com, and features a 'Thought for the Week' section.

Reading Wilson is like standing in the eye of a hurricane; cool and calm where you are, while everything else in the world is flying madly in all directions around you.

oh, fnord, of course.