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I am not a furry, the 'stag' portion of my username is the beginning of my last name.



My website

What I look like


My singular best writeup*

The Wizard and the Years


My (other) Best Writeups*

Reviews: 5D Chess | Final Fantasy Legend

Poems: Ode to an angel

(There is another review but it won't let me link it, go to my writeups and look for 'Event(0)' but with square brackets.)


My Favorite Writeups**

Do your wings make a sound? Sometimes I swear I can hear them | The crying statue | I'd Love to be a Fairy's Bride | The King and the Years | Degeneracy | The City


Other things about me

MBTI websites say I'm INFJ.

I practice Roman Stoicism

My pronouns are nothing. Refer to me however you want; she, he, they, it, whatever.




*in this case, "best" is defined as "in my opinion" and not "most well received/upvoted".
** My favorite writeups posted by other people; not my own.






11/16/2020 <Zephronias> Star Trek is great because dbsjkalalskdbenfffffffsk

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