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About the "nicolasstag"

Name // Nicolas Stagliano

Age // twenties

Religion // Christianity, but moving toward Rationalism

Fascinations // chess, astrophysics, philosophy, weird machines, esolangs, conlangs, emergent behavior, universal computation, ancient Rome

Obsessions // Currently, I'm pretty obsessed with meeting my reading goal. Exhaustion makes it difficult, but I'm trying.

Creative WIP projects // Space-noir novel, astronomy podcast, useless conlang



My online presence

Podcast // A space and astronomy podcast. I'm very proud of it. My co-host is not often available to record. It's too bad.

Goodreads // I mostly just use it to update my to-be-read.

Extremely interesting things

Universal Computability // It is also known as "Turing Completeness", and it is a property of a Turing System (or "Turing Machine") in that any data-manipulation (more pragmatically, any program), in any form, that is computed in one Turing System, can be computed in every other Turing System.

Emergent Behavior // The hoopla about this was all about "AI sentience". That could well happen, but in this context, though -- I find Emergent Behavior fascinating because it can lead to extremely remarkable properties emergent of otherwise rather mundane systems.

Nicolas Loizeau's Turing Machine built of cellular automata // This is a Turing Machine capable of the aforementioned Universal Compatibility. What makes this so interesting is that it was built entirely within Conway's Game of Life -- a cellular automata. The GOL is a remarkably interesting toy, but what's so sexy about it is that an emergent property of this completely useless entropy toy is... Turing Completeness!

WASP 76-B // It's a gas giant about 0.92 the mass of Jupiter. What makes it so interesting is that it has a closed-rotation orbit; because of this, liquid iron will sublimate on the sun-side, and rain down on the dark side. It can get as hot as 2700 Kelvins -- awesome!

ZTF J1406+1222 // This binary is a pulsar orbited by a companion star -- however, they orbit so closely, that the pulsar is "feeding" from the other star, slowly draining it of quarks and plasma. This mass will sustain the neutron star; neutron stars are spinning incredibly quickly and oftentimes suicide by violently spewing out the entirety of their mass; feeding of other stars sustains them. This is why it is called a "black widow" binary; it's a fun name. What makes this particular widow binary so special, though, is that it has an orbital period of 62 minutes! That is absolutely insane!

People that I like/liked (non-exclusive list)

(List ordered based on the length of the name in order to please an aesthetic itch. If you're at the bottom I don't favor you less, or vice-versa)

Stasik // I thoroughly enjoyed his responses to my daylogs, despite the harsh nature of his criticism.

Andycyca // We've had some chats about video games and life, and we seem to have some common interests.

Wertperch // He's a pretty nice guy. We've talked a bit about religion and he's given kind words in reply to some daylogs.

Redomega // We've talked a bit about sexuality and religion, I find her to be a generally pleasant and kind person.

Lizardinlaw // She asked me for some context regarding a daylog, and we exchanged some similar life stories. She wrote a writeup for me. Seemed like a sweetheart. She got banned, I don't know why, but I'm sure there's a lot more to her that I don't know.

Zephronias // Honestly, every interaction I've had with her has been pleasant, and I enjoy her writeups.

What I look like // Don't be shy, I won't bite.



My DMs are open.

If you think I might find something interesting, want to talk about something I wrote, or just want to be my friend, shoot me a DM.

If you read this far, DM me a joke.