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Colibrí is the Spanish and the Portuguese word for hummingbird.

Colibri is also the Latin name (no accent mark required for the Latin) for a genus of hummingbirds named in 1824 by German biologist Johann Baptist Ritter von Spix.

The common name for this genus is the violetears (sometimes hyphenated, thus: violet-ears)

Violetears species include:

  • Colibri thalassinus (Mexican violetear)
  • Colibri cyanotus (Lesser violetear)
  • Colibri coruscans (Sparkling violetear)
  • Colibri serrirostris (White-vented violetear)
  • Colibri delphinae (Brown violetear)

Note: Webster 1913 shows the genus of Violet-ear as Petasophora. This is probably a case of common names being applied to more than one species. I'm not an ornithologist, but I was unable to find any modern references to the genus Petasophora.