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In the middle of the massive, nationwide, wave of protests sparked in the US by the killing of George Floyd (46) in Minneapolis, MN on May 25, 2020, by an on-duty police officer, there is a mystery being presented in Washington, D.C. Who are the "little green men"? They look like members of federal law enforcement agencies except for one little detail. They have no badge or insignia or anything else, which would indicate which federal agency they represent and are employed by.

The moniker, "little green men", is being used by some to describe these security officers, who are in some ways reminiscent of the unmarked security officers, also in unmarked green uniforms, and armed with modern Russian weapons and masks, who were deployed during the Ukrainian crisis of 2014. These Russian operatives (Vladimir Putin later admitted they were military) also had no insignia and were dubbed "little green men", presumably due to their resemblance to the popular tiny, plastic, generic toy soldiers. In Washington, the "little green men" often refuse to identify who they work for, although some do respond, "Department of Justice". This isn't too helpful, since the Department of Justice has no generic enforcement agency.

I hate to bring it up, but one might conceivably question the advisability of deploying heavily armed federal security enforcement in the United States' capitol with no accountability to any specific agency at this time in history. Or not.

Sample source: Defense One