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Game terminology

The pre/post excuse phenomena is the tendency of players of any game to excuse their losses through a set of (highly predictable) reasons.

The pre-excuse is announced before the game, and is normally some pervading "negative condition" on the pre-excuser's end. Usually a gentle reminder will be dropped about the condition AFTER the game, whether the player who gave the pre-excuse won or lost. In the event of a loss he/she would attribute their failure to the pre-arranged reasons. If the game was a win, they would imply that they won in spite of the horrible handicap and are twice as awesome as a result.

Some common examples:

And of course lets not forget the post-excuse. This occurs after the player takes a loss, and often comes in the form of some act which occurs in-game which destroys the player's chance of winning.

Examples include:

So in closing, pre and post excuses are used by players to justify their horrible lack of skill. If you start gaming be sure to develop a vast stable of excuses, that way people can be annoyed by how whiny you are, and you will make hundreds of internet friendships.

If there are any glaring grammar/spelling problems just send me a message, I would have kicked this node's face in if I wasn't watching MXC while I wrote this. :(