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A guy with a 2d-con1 is the most harmless guy you can possibly have. He'll look at some of the most shocking, horrendous shit. Your mother would drop dead on the spot and even you would have to suppress a gag reflex. Adult women are assaulted, young girls are defiled, unusual bodily fluids are squirted, sprayed and consumed, and not to mention the government would lock him up faster than you can say the first syllable of "pedophile".

But this is the thing: he only likes it 2d. He only likes it drawn, animated, romanticised and idealised. Larger than life, longer than life, fatter than life, smaller than life. Cross sections of penetrating organs. So much healthy juice that the poor girl drowns in it. Not a single subject who's not so beautiful that it's ridiculous. Well, some of them are ugly, but only in certain, fucking hot ways.

He hates the real things. The thought of a real woman his own age bores him, and the thought of a young girl repulses him. He knows they aren't as beautiful, happy, loving, angry, willing, ugly, unwilling, sad, or perfect as his true love. He'll never hurt your daughter. She probably won't notice him, and thank God, you don't want her even coming close to a guy like that, she should maintain her own mental health and continue in ignorance that such filthy people exist. He sure is a fuck up.

1 "Japanese" for "2d complex". See lolicon. A 2d complex is a paraphilia in which the subject is attracted primarily to illustrated characters.