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People who aren't capable of reading grown-up books shouldn't talk about them. (C.S. Lewis)
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Hey, I hang out with the Circle City Jugglers (! Come join us sometime and throw stuff, or balance on something. Also, shameless plug: Buy some tunes.

First, the xpwhorefest. Vote or comment on these:


GTKY nodes I gravely dislike:

I hate to be overly negative, but sometimes I actually use E2 as a source of information. If you did the same, you would feel the same way I do about nodes that contribute so close to nothing, but take away from the idea space just the same.


Computer crap

My major stabs at fame on E2 are in the area of GNU/Linux. I'm a Debian user, specifically of the unstable branch and the Morphix derivative project. I've used all the major desktop environments (except GNOME, which hardly ever works for me), and right now I'm an avid evilwm user. I have a wide variety of programming skills and have written a few educational nodes. My computer nodes: