Sei's train is made of fur and sweetness from the rain on electric rails
and Banyan is just twenty-three and squirming hot under skirts
under the look of a man with grey eyes and a withered hand.

Sei's train is out of the rain and Banyan's racing the rhythm of the tracks
squirming against the centrepole. The man with the grey eyes shirt
in one henna-stained hand his under her skirt's waistband.

Sei's train is black steel smoke-smeared city howling dirty epic sails
in billowed clouds supersonic revolutions while the grey-eyed jerk
shoves Banyan into the narrow metal of the lav.

Sei's train is not slowing smoke-blowing wonder never fails
as the man is groaning in Banyan's ear as she pants and lurches
shoved up console with withered hand on her ass.

Sei's train runs twenty-four by seven riding the rails
as Banyan leans against the centrepole rubbing dirty
epic while the grey-eyed man shifts his wide-splayed hand.