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Children's TV show broadcast on Ireland's RTÉ in the early 1980s, concerning a motley selection of humans and animals who travelled around in a flying gypsy caravan. The good guys included a kindly old lady called Godmother, a chap called Mr. O'Brien (played by puppeteer Eugene Lambert), a dog called Judge and a crow who, if memory serves, was called Mr. Crow.

The bad guy was normally a nasty piece of work called Sneaky Snake, but he had an even nastier boss called Dr. Astro, who was played by Frank Kelly, who would later go on to bigger and better things (namely playing Father Jack in Father Ted).

If you haven't guessed by now, I may as well tell you that the whole thing was a hefty dose of surrealism for children of all ages. Many of the quirks of character in twentysomething Irish people can perhaps be explained by their having been raised on the likes of this, Fortycoats and Bosco.