I am in the back yard that I vaguely remember from my childhood. In the corner of my eye I glimpse a darting orange shape on the ground.

I scramble after it and discover a hideous, enormous bright orange slug. This slug's body is bigger than a Giant African Snail, but unlike the snail, this creature can move quickly. It is able to dart away before I can grab it.

I manage to corner the creature at one end of yard and get a good look at this little monster:

It occurs to me that brightly coloured creatures are usually poisonous, and that this molusc is both garish and prickled: It is covered with what looks like little horns - but they could be soft flesh. It it might not be safe to grab.

I decide to let it go (rather than risk injury). In a moment it has slithered away into the undergrowth, never to be seen again.

Later on I log onto Google in order to discover what type of slug I had found, only to be disapointed when none of my searches reveal information about an orange slug.