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I arrived at my college about two weeks ago, as a freshman. Pursuing a High School ambition, I entered into the conservatory's program in Design Tech. And now I want to leave. I want to leave the conservatory's program for Theatre Tech.

The conservatory aims to prepare me for a professional, lifelong career in Theatre Tech. I am not so ambitious: I wanted to learn only bits and pieces, while trying to figure out what my true major should be. Theatre Tech's is a great place to learn things: art things, carpenter things, electric things, costume things, sound things. Theatre Tech's a great place.

I don't want to live my life sewing curtains or drawing sets, no matter how much I enjoy sewing curtains and drawing sets

I want to help people and the earth. I want to teach impoverished communities, or help restore nature preservations. I only chose my present major because I did not know how to become involved in this things. I only did not seriously consider them, because I did not want to approach my parents, who idealise an immediate college degree for me.

This semester has already been paid for; it is too late to change my major. I want to change my major. I don't want to change my major, I want to take a year off. I want to take a year off, and find out what I want to be doing. I have spent the last year wasting time. Wasting time, when I could have found what I want to do. What do I want to do?

What should I do?