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aside from being a spaceship from the Iain Banks Culture novel Use of Weapons, can be a very sad occurrence. Watching friends go is bad enough, but pining for them is unavoidable and much more protracted.

So many friends graduating or just going back home indefinitely really makes you take stock of what's important about that friendship. Can it continue, or will it degenerate into the perils of long distance relationships or make you realise that is was a complete and utter waste of time?

Or will it, as it should, become that spaced-out occasional exchange of ideas and thoughts, the true intellectual meaningul relationship? Many many factors influence this, in my case, for some reason, the number of beers each of them owes me.

In my experience, however, every long-distance relationship has degenerated into acquaintancehood, however intimate it may have been. It is just one of those things. Of course, if I was in contact with them all the time it would be easier, but who has time? Unfair.