This short film, made by Breakfast of Demons (, is a cult-classic parody of roleplaying games and those who play them.

Dave, a gamemaster for a Dungeons and Dragons group, is short a player for his campaign. And as we all know that D&D is intimately related to the occult, he summons a minor demon, Boglin, as a fourth player, and commands the poor minion of evil to roll up a paladin, whom Boglin promptly names Sucksface.

Each of the other players in the group is a clear satire of the classic gamer stereotypes - the hack and slasher, the rules lawyer, and the heavy "writes a novel about every character" roleplayer. The movie shows the group playing through Dave's slightly demented game world, a place where Jesus Christ can be randomly encountered in a desert.

While it's an extremely low-budget work - the majority of the budget was probably spent on the ceremonial offering of food to Dave near the beginning of the film - it's funny in much the same way Knights of the Dinner Table is, and has quite a few quotable lines.

"I kill Big Bob, because he is a moron and an asshole. Bob, I kill you. ... okay, now I take Bob's body, and slice it like fine cheese. Finally, I set fire to the Bob-cheese and warm my ass on its rosy glow!