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I would like to be able to take my e2 messages from e2 and store them with my other (email and SMS) messages in my epic personal message archive, which is nearly complete back to 1997 or so.  And greppable!  I expect many users would like to liberate their e2 messages from the e2 website as well.

I currently use some cobbled-together XSLT to convert Private Messages Ticker to a unix spool file, and take it from there.  (Sadly, I have to download the Private Messages Ticker and do it all locally - much better to have the XSLT hosted on e2 so I could just download the spool file result.  But I digress.)

In the past, I have used various scripts to create a real IMAP server that serves up actual IMAP-type emails from e2 msgs. (see E2 Private Message to Email Gateway and E2 Message Inbox Archiver for code)

In both these systems, as in e2 life generally, there is no "sent" box, so all my own wit and wisdom is lost.  I can no longer be confident that there has been any. Message Outbox now exists! Thanks to Serjeant's Muse for pointing this out - 2019.03.13.

Therefore, I propose a new feature - imap.everything2.com , which allows any e2 user to connect with their favourite email client, and view their private messages, group messages and sent messages, and if they so desire, copy or move them off site.