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Released in 2001, Witchcraft Rebellion is Old Time Relijun's third full-length album, and their second for Olympia, Washington-based K Records. It is a more polished work than previous efforts (but still very raw by music industry standards), and still has the band's unique lyrics, but shows great musical development since the last release, the EP La Sirena de Pecera. "Witchcraft Rebellion" is also the title of the final song on the album.

01. Mystery Language
02. Cuneiform
03. Vampire Sushi
04. Dark of the Male, Light of the Female
05. Mercury Snake
06. Two Crows
07. Fermentatio
08. King of Nothing
09. The Book of Life and Crime
10. Treasure Map
11. Maenads in the Android Brothel
12. Crocodile Theater
13. Witchcraft Rebellion