1   I sleep,   but my heart  is  alert.
    The voice  of my David      knocks:
2     "Open to me, sister,
       Mate, innocent dove.
       For my head is filled with dew,
       My locks, with the night's lashes."
3                  I stripped from my gown.
    Where are you? I'll put it back on.
                   I washed my feet.
    Where are you? I'll soil them.

4   My David  sent his hand from the hole 
             and my inside heated to him.

5   Then I rose,   to open  for  my David
               And my hands dripped myrrh
    And, over my fingers, the myrrh flows
             Upon the handles of the Lock

6   Then I opened 
      for my David
    And my David sneaked, 
      flowed away
    My breath got out 
      in his voice
    I asked for him
      but could not find him
    I called for him, 
      and got no answer

7   I was found by the Guards
      Circling the City
        They hit me, and wounded me
      Tore off my veil
    Those "guardians of walls"

8   I made you swear, Daughters of Unity
                      Daughters of Jerusalem
    If you find that David of mine,
                      What will you tell him?
    That I'm sick of love?
                      That I'm  love - sick ?
9   "Isn't your David like all other Davids,
     Most beautiful of women?
     Isn't your David like all those others,
     That we've been thus adjured?"
10  My David is White  and Red.
           Greater than Myriads
11  His Head
      A Speck of fine Gold
         His  Locks
         They Black
              Like a Raven
12  His eyes
      Like doves on water channels
         In Milk
           Seated fitly
13  His cheeks are like garden beds
    Growing mediterranean spices
    His lips are roses
    Dripping Moorish Hebrew

14  His hands
      Rods of Gold
        Full-filled with Beryl

    Inside him
        Polished Ivory
            Overlaid with Sapphires
15  His thighs
    His calves
    His shins
    His legs
      Pillars of Marble
          on sockets 
            of fine Gold

    He looks like Lebanon
    An Excellent Young Man
    Chosen, like the Cedar Trees
 16 His mouth is sweetness
    And he, my pet, is all grace
                       all charm
                       all delight
                       all desire
    He's my Friend
         my Neighbor
         my Match

    That's my Comrade
           my Peer
    He's My "Evil"
    He's My "Calamity"
         My "Catastrophe"
    That's My David
    That's My Uncle
    That's My Mate
    Daughters of Jerusalem