sang froid d'ete chilled air
everything you have suppressed my pony poem
des gens qui walk about trying to transform
their drifting ino dwelling -- alchemy
their forgetfulmatteroffactness has erased the birds
everything you have erased the birds
with your wildean dreams of cyberp!nk metatextuality
with your chilean cybernetics

everything I love you but the wind doesn't care
everything my lungs://blow.the?words=that+matter
everything espresso-flavored cocacola with 40% more
everything the noise nnnrrn of sheer being you've

my pony is not gone. my fonny tony pony
but everyday I have to talk him into lugging me around
my relations with this horse frazzled and you've
suppressed his poem
my chilled decaying body more and more dependent on pack

everything I was a young man when everything
two thousand nine or eight or maybe seven
the chilled decaying body of your ted nelson / jean jarre

everything's changed but everything
everything you've erased my pony poem

(For context: a heartfelt "Pony Poem" I wrote the day prior to this was blackballed for want of links. That's fair enough -- I've been around e2 for a while and rules'm the rules. But I didn't feel like deforming the original Pony Poem into e2 compliance. It's a beautiful poem and it's mine.)