1) BBC Radio 1 personality who started Djing in the late 70's and now has his own record label - FFRR, which he has been accused of promoting on his radio shows. He also has his own Website - essentialselection.com. The most powerful man in Dance Music according to Muzik Magazine, he is estimated to earn £450,000 a year, and have a fortune of around £2m. He was also the first person shamed, divorced and newly slimmed C-list celeb Vanessa Feltz kissed, at the tender age of 10 while on holiday in Majorca.

2) Rhyming slang for wrong. If you were unable to procure any Billy, were busted having a Barclays or a Camel or were awarded a Desmond in your Degree, you might remark:

"It's all gone Pete Tong, mate."