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Suneo Honekawa, or in Japanese: Honekawa Suneo (骨川 スネ夫), is a character from Doraemon, a major Japanese comic series for children (in jargon: shonen manga rensai). He is an antagonist, or a frenemy, of Nobita. He has a fox face and an extremely forward-pointing set of bangs, inspiring a pop artist to go by the name of Suneohair.

Phonetically, his name could mean bone-skin sulk-boy. A possibly related fictional name is Honekawa Sujiko (骨皮 筋子 ("English" name order: Sujiko Honekawa)), which is a nickname given to any girl that is deemed too skinny, and the name means Bone-skin Tendon-girl. It is unlikely that a person whose surname is actually Honekawa exists. However, several people have surnames ending with -kawa, such as the former prime minister Morihiro Hosokawa, making it sound plausible.

In Doraemon, he often teams up with Gian to go after poor Nobita. However, his personality faults, such as his tendency to brag about his riches and social status, often results in him being despised by everyone else.