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Mack and Bellevue is an intersection of two streets in Detroit, MI. The term "Mack and Bellevue" is often used by ravers in the Detroit area to refer to a popular warehouse venue that has been used many times by rave promoters in the area to throw parties.

The area around Mack and Bellevue is not very safe to park a car in. It was rumored that over one-third of the people who attended a popular Syst3m party in the summer of 1999 got their cars vandalized or completely stolen. As a result of this and many other parties where similar bullshit happened, the space is not used very much anymore.

Yet, no matter how hard people try to stop them, newbie ravers seem drawn to the Mack and Bellevue venue often ignoring warnings and risking their safety and property because, as they say, its atmosphere somehow catches the 'essence' of what parties in Detroit 'should' feel like.