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I'll be true to myself regardless... My art will reflect who I am... I will never stop learning.
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Columbia Basin College
Bokura wa itsuka ashita e hashirou . Demo kyou wa tada bokura no desu...
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Dozo yoroshiku onegai shimasu! Home node e youkoso.

Welcome to my home node. If we've never met, I'm glad to make your acquaintance. Please feel free to drop me a message concerning nodes I've written or anything else. I will reply to you as soon as I can.

First of all, my user name means wing(s) in Japanese. I chose this specific name to convey a very specific message. I hope to continue "flying" in life. To me, this means following my dreams in life and continuing to seek education forever and ever. Self-improvement is very, very important in my mind. Plus, it sounds pretty cool I think. The image of a wing embodies freedom to me.

My current inspirations include Ayumi Hamasaki, Chinen Rina, Banana Yoshimoto, my friends and Haruki Murakami. Thank you to all of these people for their spark.

As of now, I am very new to everything so please give me advice.

Until we meet again, I pray for your good health.