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1 Balsamic Oven Fries (recipe) mutewit writeup
2 Beer bread (thing) Myrkabah writeup
3 Blue cheese-crusted filet mignon (thing) ccunning writeup
4 Cherries Jubilee (recipe) borgo writeup
5 Chestnut Stuffing (recipe) ALittleHawk writeup
6 Chex Mix (thing) dem bones writeup
7 Chocolate Fondant (thing) ascorbic writeup
8 Chocolate self-saucing pudding (thing) Danoot writeup
9 Chocolate Stout Cake (recipe) karma debt writeup
10 cumin, garlic and sea salt crust   e2node
11 Garlic oil   e2node
12 General Tso's chicken (thing) Chark writeup
13 German Pancake (thing) everyone writeup
14 German potato soup (thing) 00100 writeup
15 Ginger Beef (recipe) gin soaked writeup
16 gozitan ftira (thing) kohlcass writeup
17 halloumi   e2node
18 Honey Cake   e2node
19 jambalaya (thing) Myrkabah writeup
20 Kartoflanka (recipe) heppigirl writeup
21 Käsewähe (thing) dduane2 writeup
22 Lefse (thing) sid writeup
23 Loaded baked potato soup (thing) peanut writeup
24 Olive Oil Mashed Potatoes (recipe) Adaptive Child writeup
25 onion bhaji (idea) francesemma writeup
26 Orange Chicken   e2node
27 Panettone   e2node
28 pavlova   e2node
29 pot roast   e2node
30 Rhubarb something (recipe) gin soaked writeup
31 Slippery Pot Pie (recipe) Scribe writeup
32 sopes (thing) peanut writeup
33 Teriyaki   e2node
34 Toad in the hole   e2node
35 tourtière   e2node
36 Yorkshire Pudding   e2node