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by hapax

Are you worried about the public availability of the ascorbic.net catbox archive?

No. Nothing I say in the catbox can be traced to my real name.  8  7.48%
No. I'm careful to say nothing incriminating in the catbox.  4  3.74%
No. I never say anything in the catbox at all.  6  5.61%
No. I don't care if people know I'm a clown.  32  29.91%
It doesn't matter if I'm worried or not: this is the Internet, and information wants to be free!  18  16.82%
Not really, but I'd feel better about it if the archive had a password or something.  8  7.48%
Not really, but I find myself censoring what I say a bit.  3  2.80%
The archive makes me uncomfortable; I don't think casual banter should be preserved for posterity.  11  10.28%
I don't like the existence of the archive, full stop.  3  2.80%
There's a catbox archive?  6  5.61%
None of the above.  8  7.48%
Total  107  100.00%