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by Lometa

Do you think Ninjagirls have a Hard Life?

There are great Ninjagirls out there that don't get the paparazzi following them around everywhere because they don't go to all those nodermeet parties !  2  1.85%
Ninjagirls are also human and thus they experience and feel hardships also.  12  11.11%
You never see Ninjagirls wear the same pair of shoes twice.  9  8.33%
They have to work hard on perfecting their craft otherwise they won't get to be Ninjagirls in the first place.  3  2.78%
I believe Ninjagirls are really Calendar Girls in disguise.  9  8.33%
Overall I would say that most Ninjagirls have it pretty good.  2  1.85%
I love cookies n cream, cause you get to have two foods in one, mmm cookies, mmmm cream, luv them both.  11  10.19%
A few aspects of being a member of the Ninjagirls can be tough and you have to be willing to keep secrets.  3  2.78%
I think the cars, houses, boats, vacations, and parties could make up for the sacrifices!  3  2.78%
Ninjagirls ftw!  10  9.26%
Rock on, now they have won the internets!  8  7.41%
Kind of hard to imagine when these Ninjagirls spend on their weapons the way they do.  7  6.48%
None of the above.  29  26.85%
Total  108  100.00%