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Welcome to Mornington Crescent, the game - we gather for the discussion of the rules, and the playing thereof.

But no silliness, oh no. That would never do.

There is a history of Morning Crescent online, streaming media from that BBC. They also have the show I'm Sorry I Haven't A Clue.

There's also a wealth of mappage online.

To join, please let wertperch know, and present yourself with a copy of the rules. There will be a test.

Venerable members of this group:

wertperch, Andrew Aguecheek, pjd, Albert Herring, BaronWR, grundoon, princess loulou, phiz, Maylith, The Debutante@, Wiccanpiper, Spuunbenda, JediBix783, Taliesin's Muse, Redalien, KilroyWasHere, Nemosyn
This group of 17 members is led by wertperch