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Blackened sun-dried tomato and Brie pizza with mayonnaise-mustard dipping sauce
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Important note to critiquers: I am currently not able to read comments made with the E2 Annotation Tool. Please /msg me instead if you wish to send me comments and suggested corrections. Thanks!

Noders I have met, more or less in order

Momomom, Doyle, AudieMcCall, and IWhoSawTheFace.

Noders I have spoken to on the phone (not including those above)


Cool things noders have sent or given me

  • GrouchyOldMan: A lovely miniature of Cape Hatteras North, along with a note and a few ducats. How did he know I like lighthouses? Genius!

  • Segnbora-t: A unique (and funny!) postcard. Why can't I find postcards like that? Oh, yes, and a great Christmas card, too!

  • Momomom: Some gorgeous live plants: chives and (semi-endangered) wild ginger. Also a great tour of her FANTASTIC plantings(!), a nice frosty coffee & yummies, a rooting of basil now growing in a planter, and very generous offerings of assorted vegetation. (Too late in the year to transplant, now, but I am very grateful.)

  • AudieMcCall: One autographed play program, suitable for framing, along with a free pass to see a truly world-class play! (As well as e-mails which generally consist of a generous, hilarious mix of both (friendly) abuse and encouragement.)

  • My 2005 secret Santa, Diabolic, sent me an absolutely gorgeous mala made of carnelian, an I Ching coin, and a great card written in E2 writeup style, with each writeup telling me about what each thing was. Fabulous!!! Absolutely made my day. Many thanks and hugs to Diabolic ! You rock!

Scratchings from the catbox

IWhoSawTheFace: There is no such thing as a bad job, only a bad attitude.

haruspex: email google and tell em you're from the typo death squad

golFUR: Maylith, Maylith, quite unrhymable - how does your nodegel grow? With sterling Ch!ngs and (idea)(thing)s and daylogs all in a row.

gleeme: gleeme speculates on whether Maylith is involved with the BDSM scene... she has all the makings of a good domina. This speculation has been seconded by doyle.

Simulacron3: "dragging your soul through muck": excellent expression. I'm stealing it.

La petite mort: I love the cat box, part doctors office, boxing ring, kindergarden and shrinks couch.

Halspal: I only ever learn things from irksome people.

JohnnyGoodyear: JohnnyGoodyear marvels at the monolith of minutiae that is our merry Maylith.

Maylith: Why does the combo of me and cabinets sound odd?
IWhoSawTheFace: 9.5

drownzsurf: you are such a Ma, Maylith.

doyle: May, you have a lovely way of making small things seem dangerous, while daring to poke dangerous things right in the snout. I think this is a good thing. I think.

(spied on Master Villain's homenode)
amnesiac: heh this sounds like a conversation from one of those books like 'where Angels fear to tread' and stuff. "Oh my dearest Maylith, the tomatoes are in full bloom, my trip to India may be hastened".

Simulacron3: Maylith has pushed the Make E2 Crazy button.

The Custodian: Actually, just "antonomasia" (I misspelled it) but a pedantic english major once told me it was "inductive antonomasia."

Lord Brawl: Surely Batman's pointy bits would tear the clingfilm?

To do

This section comprises links to nodes written by others. These are not necessarily the best nodes on these subjects -- I've passed over many, such as most of Sneff's recipes and mauler's delightful history nodes, not to mention just about everything written by anthropod... geeze I could go on and on here... momomom, lometa, iceowl, doyle, JGY... many others. But anyways, these are some nodes that have caught my eye.

Aunt Connie's Corn Pudding    Beef noodle soup    beef stock    Biscuits and gravy    Black bean and sweet potato burritos    Blackened Chicken Pasta of Love    Braised beef risotto    Bread and butter pudding    Calabrian Wine Cookies    Caraway dinner rolls    Chicken Pot Pie    Cinnamon raisin bread    Colcannon    Cold lentil salad    Cornell bread    English muffin    Fish in beer batter    Hacker's Delight Ginger Honey    Honey mustard    Hot Tomato Soup With An Egg Sandwich    Indian pudding    Irish soda bread    Lasagne    Lemon delicious pudding    Lord of the Rings food    Mom McCoy's lemon chess pie    Ninja Pirate Monkey Cookies    Omegranite pomegranite pomegranite pomegranite pomegranite pomegranite pie    Parsley essence    Peppermint Dipped Cookies    Pistachio crust chicken schnitzel with potato and sweetcorn salad    Puy lentil    Rolling out fresh pasta    Sensei's recipes    Smashed chat potatoes with rosemary and sea salt    Spritz Christmas sugar cookies    Steamed maple syrup and currant puddings    Strawberry pork    Strawberry shortcake    Strawberry stuffed French toast    Swede fritters    Tarte tatin    The best lunch you can make in 5 minutes    Vietnamese rice paper rolls    Walnut and treacle cookies    Yo-yo biscuits   

Related food stuff
Bizarre Scenes From Martha's Kitchen     breaking starch     egg white     How many ways can you say "ginger"?    How the potato delayed the microwave 10 years     In The Night Kitchen     jiffy     Life is too short to use low-quality herbs and spices     Never drink or cook with hot tap water     On Menu Writing    starch     Ten things I hate about restaurant customers     The Great Molasses Flood of 1919     When I grow up, I want to be a pretzelman     With Strawberries We Filled a Tray    

Writing, language, and perhaps a touch of history
Aristotle's Lost Library, Medieval Andalusia & Chinese Paper, or How Europe Learned to Learn Again and Why the Renaissance Happened When & Where It Did     Audie McCall     Eats, Shoots, and Leaves     Hate the deponent; like, the deponent     How to build a character in fiction     How to write sex and violence - tastefully     I am not Pablo Neruda     Learn how to spell     Medieval Manuscript Production     Poetry you found that you wrote when you were ten but secretly still like     Songs with Subjunctive Abuse     Spelling with -ant and -ance versus -ent and -ence     that vs. which     The best compliment an actor can receive     The two most common things to be found on the back of a sci-fi/fantasy novel     This strange English habit of shortening names     White space is not a tool of the Devil     Writing for a wider audience     Writing muscle   

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cat food     clicker training     Euthanizing your cat     ferret jacket moment     How to build a maze for your cat     How to keep a Siamese Fighting Fish happy     I'd already be a Buddhist if it weren't for all these damn spiders     My dog's name is Ici     pile of kittens     rendering     Teaching your dog to bark less incessantly    

Interesting words
Adscititious    Coppice    Emication    Feculent    floccinaucinihilipilification    Malapert    Nidgery    Nuddle    Olitory    Porrect    Septentrionality    Tergiversation    Txikwa-user with a tremendous h/n word list   

Lest we forget
A Christmas Tsunami Lament    Candle in the Wind 1997    Dachau    Ecdysis    it was just as if she held her breath for 82 years    I've had better hugs from wind gusts and dead people    Mr. Rogers' Commencement Speech for the Dartmouth College class of 2002    Once when I got like this I thought I was building a boat    The One-Boobed Systyrs of the Apocalypse   

Yep. I've got a lot of bookmarks. What can I say other than that E2 has a lot of fantastic writeups. I'm working on it.

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