Going to the Ace Hardware store (recommended by Mike Ditka) was not a problem. Strolling through the aisles of a wonderful tool shop. On impulse I bought some propane canisters, and a small stove. I continued to throw equipment into the shopping cart, adding in wire cutters, a hacksaw, bolt cutter, and two hammers, one regular...one a bit larger. A Dwarf would feel at home with it.

I turned the corner up to the dingy counter where a fat old man and a pimple faced kid sat, like some sort of Rockwell painting. Heh....they had no idea. The old man rang through the items, eyebrows inching their way up as he noticed the entourage.

"So, wat'c'u gonna be doin' wit all this?" he asked, trying to feel me out like some sort of whore.

"I'm with the government." Was my only reply, grasped out of thin air.

"Oh. 'Spect you going to the nuclear site outside town, about 150 miles," he said, reassured. The government can do no wrong for some folks.


Putting the equipment into the back of the Caddy, I pulled out slowly, trying to get the feel for the behemoth land beast again. Nothing like the cycle. But then, this doesn't make my ass hurt.

Pulling up, I motion for everyone to drive around back, near the white picket fence of american dreams. We are about to embark on our own, I do believe.

While the cars sit idling, and Cliff looks nervously around, I approach the back door. It's a simple locking mechanism, probably we could pick it. But we won't. Using the bolt cutter, I muscle off the cheap doorknob, and then using the hammer ram it through the gaping hole, twist until the locking mechanism is shattered. Listening closely for alarms, it takes me a minute to remember that there is no power. I pull the door open motioning for the assembled host to enter.

God, I feel like the A-Team.


--Letters from a Savior; Offer for a few--


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