'Til Death

Dearly Beloved, we are gathered here today in the sight of God, and in the presence of these witnesses...

Things are different now.

Yeah, I would say they are a bit different. For one, you are quieter now... not in a bad way... but quieter. And yes, it is true, we don't talk as often as we used to. On the plus side, you are a much better cuddler, you never turn away halfway through the night... even if it isn't as warm as it used to be; still, the sheets used to get all sweaty, and that was no good.

I know dear, you are getting stiff in your old age, but you never seem to complain about it. You never seem to get out of bed these days... but the love we make, it is so new and exciting. I don't care what anybody says... the bottom line is, it has been fun, we've had a good run, and I have no regrets.

That, my dear, is what marriage is all about.

After all, you only died last April.

MarriageQuest 2007
The Night's Plutonian Shore: The 2007 Halloween Horrorquest

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