A buzzword used to describe a sound card that uses the same settings and configuration as a Creative Labs SoundBlaster (usually the 16 bit variety), but is usually just another cheap trick used by hardware manufacturers to sell you something under false pretences.
Like in the case of the marketing gigabyte or the 56k modem you bought just to peel the sticker off the box and have it say 33.6.. what the oem says often has little to do with reality.

Usually when they say that a sound card proclaims to be "100% sound blaster compatible" it usually just means that it uses the following settings (correct me if I'm wrong):
  • Wave out base address:                               0x220 - 0x22F
  • Rolland MPU 401 compatible MIDI out base address:    0x330 - 0x33F
  • Playback DMA:                                              1
  • Recording DMA:                                             3
  • IRQ:                                                       5

I bought an Acer Magic FX-3D because of its claim of universal compatiblity and Plug and Play capabilities...
The drivers it came with don't work... The drivers windows comes with don't work... The kernel module linux comes with won't work... the only way I can get the goddamned thing to work is to use the driver for another card that uses the same chip (the AD1816)...

Oh, and the best part? DOS games have no sound unless I specify the BLASTER environment variable... and if I do, in windows, it either won't recognise it, or will decide to comment it out of my autoexec.bat... why does windows think it is smarter than me?

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