Born in 1767: Died in 1767: Events of 1767:
  • The British Parliament passes the Townshend Acts:
    • In another attempt to raise revenue, duties are levied on glass, lead, paper, tea, and other goods.
    • More blanket search warrants, known as Writs of Assistance, are issued.
    • The New York assembly is suspended for not enforcing the Quartering Act of 1765.
    • The Townshend Acts destroy the trust that had slowly been built after the intercession of William Pitt the previous year, and re-ignited the cycle of protesting and rioting in America. Protesters went so far as to tar and feather tax collectors.
  • The Siamese capital of Ayuthaya is destroyed by an invading Burmese army.It will not be for two years that a new capital is founded, 47 miles downriver at a small village named Krung'thep.

1766 - 1767 - 1768

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