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Bill Hainline started the 4B's over 50 years ago in Missoula, Montana. Today 4B's is run by Bill Hainline Jr. and his son. You can learn all this and more at http://www.4Bs.com

But, if you really want to learn about 4Bs, you ought to try working there. Go ahead and put on the unflattering black and white uniform and you'll learn more than you ever thought you could know. I worked in the 4Bs in Polson Montana there are several others, but I'm assuming its the same.

To start, 4B's is waay trashier than Perkins or Apple Bees, its even trashier than Denny's. Its hard to explain, but if you are ever in Montana swing by one. There is nothing but steaks, burgers, and any other meat, as long as its deep fried.

Its not just the food that's trashy either. After a few days in that uniform, you get used to the senior citizens who are hard of hearing coming in every single day for porkchops, and the families of 7 who let their kids rub macaroni and cheese into the seats and then leave you a 50 cent tip. After a while the other waitresses will stop the friendly charade and use every chance they get to make fun of you. But you can't let it bother you because they are over 30 and still working at 4Bs. You come to tolerate the cooks who scream at you because you're voice is quiet and your handwriting is messy.

There are times when you will snap, just as I did. It may be that you've dropped 3 plates of food in one day, or that you're going home with less than $20 in tips after working hard all day long. Or maybe it was your day off and you got called in. Sometimes customers are going to treat you like dirt. Like somehow, since you're working in a sort of public service, they think they have ever right to take out all their anger on you and the food you've served them.

But like any job, its not so bad. Some nights you'll go home in a great mood with $80 in your pocket. Or someone will tell you how pretty you are, or some geeky kid with his parents will hit on you, someone may even leave you a $10 tip. But don't get your hopes up.

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