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An abbreviation for the Argenteum Astrum, not for Alcoholics Anonymous, which is AA. It is important not to confuse the two.

Some, of course, say that A∴A∴ is not Argenteum Astrum (Silver Star), nor Aurum Aureum (Golden Dawn), nor Arcanum Arcana (The Most Hidden), nor even Arcanum Atlantea (The Atlantean Arcanum) ... but something ... else ...

What are those ∴ signs doing there? Of old, the use of the triple dots () in the name of an order indicated a claim to knowledge of the Mason Word.

Αστρον Αργον, or Astron Argon, which Otto Omicron mentions, is just the Greek equivalent of "Argenteum Astrum". It isn't quite the "something else" I was thinking of. Brother Otto, you might try Chapter 1 of Liber 333 for a hint.
The "something else" that Frater 219 refers to could be: Astron Argon, although I now stand corrected (thank-you Fra. 219).

It is the Greek phrase meaning "Silver Star". The gematria of these words add to 451, which also is

Konx Om Pax (Light in Extension).

The 3 dots in this case also conotate knowledge of the Word of the Aeon.

There are some who would speculate further and say the the letters A.: A.: stand for words both in Latin and Greek with the meanings Star & Snake.

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