Nothing is more valuable to a collector of the finest in useless knowledge than trivia about trivia games. Hence, we are gathered here today to find out the question to which the answer is: "This is how much money you can make in a game of JEOPARDY! if you have impeccable speed, near-omniscience and never-failing luck."


  • The opponents may or may not ring in to answer before the contestant, but they must answer incorrectly.
  • All daily doubles must be located at the very top of the board and must be found after all other questions have been answered.
  • The contestant must answer all questions correctly and wage all his or her money for the daily doubles and final JEOPARDY!.

"That having been said, let's take a look at the scores."

               6 x 500 = 3,000
               6 x 400 = 2,400
               6 x 300 = 1,800
               6 x 200 = 1,200
             + 5 x 100 =   500   
                   Sum:  8,900
          Daily double:    x 2

           6 x 1,000 =   6,000
           6 x   800 =   4,800
           6 x   600 =   3,600
           6 x   400 =   2,400
         + 4 x   200 =     800
Double JEOPARDY! sum:   17,600
Money from JEOPARDY!: + 17,800
           Total sum:   35,400
   Two daily doubles:      x 4

     Final JEOPARDY!:      x 2

Trebek: The most money you can earn on JEOPARDY!
You: What is two-hundred and eighty-three thousand two-hundred dollars and no cents?
Trebek: That's a lot of money!

If the contestant repeats this for a full week (the rules prevent a contestant from playing more than five games), the profit is $1,416,000.

I have just been told by Orange Julius that they have doubled the money for every question in the game, so make that $566,400 for a perfect game and $2,832,000 for a full week. I am assuming this is with the impending threat of having to change names to Who Wants to be a Bum? given the relative disadvantage of playing JEOPARDY! rather than another popular game show, which will remain without a name here. I'm assuming this is valid for the U.S. version of the show. YMMV, I know mine does.

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