A promotional game at McDonald's designed to draw the most number of people to McDonald's at the lowest possible cost to the giant food chain.

On each box of large fries there is a Who Wants to be a Millionaire? question that is revealed when you rub off the covering. Next, you rub off one the correct answer. If you select the correct answer, you get to rub off one prize box out of six. Typically, five of the prizes are free small items at McDonald's and one is $1 in prize money. You could win up to $1,000,000 from this game.

So, the next time you are at McDonald's and you buy a $5.00 meal, you have a 1/6 chance of getting $1.00 back, if you know what the small cavities in which individual strands of hair grow are called. . . . What a fun game!

I won a small fry this afternoon. The question:

"What helps to create the visual effects inside a kaleidoscope?" (RK3U)

a. Levers
b. Ball Bearings
c. Magnets
d. Mirrors {AKA, My Final Answer}

I would have one a small fry, if I hadn't scratched off the rest of the prizes in what will surely be a regretful decision, documented here: Hash Browns
Two Dollars
Small Fry {My Choice}
Small Drink
Apple Pie
Small Coffee

The game is scheduled to end May 5, 2001.



You must answer the question correctly to recieve the prize revealed. The Game Card will be VOID and no prize will be awarded if: (a) more than one answer (b) more than one prize (c) the silver oval in the lower left corner of the Game Card is revealed in whole or in part. Minor needs parent/legal guardian to redeem any cash prize. Redeem food and $1-$5 in-store cash prizes at participating McDonald's Restaurants by 6/1/01. Limit one food or cash prize redeemable per person on future visit. Not valid with any other offer or discount. All other potential prize winners must call the designated toll free number by 7/7/01. Game card subject to verification. Game is scheduled to 5/17/01.

See Official Rules at participating McDonald's or the McDonald's website at www.mcdonalds.com for details including odds, prizes, ARVs, dates and how to obtain a Game Card by mail.

Out of curiosity and dedication to my writeup, I will now remove the lower-left hand corner thing with a 1974 penny.

It revealed: a bar code.

By the way, for YHWH's sake, disregard the directions and scratch off the prize before you scratch off the answer. That way, you can go home and research the question's "Final Answer" if it's worth something decent. Otherwise, you could be sitting there like a big doofus with the million bucks scratched off, wishing you took the question about the prime minister of Pakistan a little more seriously a couple minutes earlier.

I ingest the mass-produced poison of McDonald's a few times every week. It'd be nice if one day I got something other than a heart attack out of it.

Many years ago, during the heydays of Trival Pursuit, Petro Canada, one of Canada's largest gas station chains, had a similar promotion whereby you would scratch quiz cards to win prizes.

However, for some strange reason, instead of getting participants to scratch what he/she thought was the correct answer, all of the answers were completely covered. Hence, you would have a question and a prize but you would have to GUESS where the right answer was hidden.

I'm not sure how they thought that this was in any way challenging unless we all had X-Ray Vision or a horseshoe up our butts. Suffice it to say, the promotion wasn't a hit with my dad who was a real whiz at Jeopardy! but lousy with luck.

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