Recent research into the biology of miscarriages reveals that most miscarriages are the result of the host female's (mother's) immune system attacking the invading fetus cells. The immune system has even been employed as a sort of birth control device in animals using a technique called immunocontraception. Our immune system also attacks such things as the cold virus, bacteria, and the HIV virus. For these, we have developed antibiotic and anti-viral medications, with very little debate as to whether mounting such an attack against these microscopic invaders is ethically proper. Little attention is placed on the some 600,000 women that die each year as a result of the invading fetal cells (World Health Organization), yet diseases such as Huntington's Disease which kills far fewer people per year, has scientists scrambling to come up with newer and better treatments and defenses against it.

Given that fetal cells are clearly an invader to be attacked by the immune system at every opportunity, and that fetal cells kill 600,000 people every single year, why is our government doing nothing to combat these deadly organisms? And why does the religious right use particularly manipulative tactics in their opposition to the development of antifetal drugs and other methods for removing this dangerous organism from the millions of women who are invaded by it every year? I'm not much of a conspiracy theorist, but this one really has me stumped.

I am not using the strict biological definition of parasite. Rather, I am using it in its more general sense as defined by


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