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(background: USAs President George Bush announced the US will pull all the funding to UNFPA from 2003)

George Bush is so eager to kiss anti-abortion ass, that he is willing to sacrifice all the women of the developing countries. In this case, politics is murder.

The US has decided to pull their 34 000 000 green sheets out of UNFPA - the United Nations Populations Fund. According to US newpapers, the US pulls their funds out of the UFNFPA because the organisation operates in China. However, only a small portion of the money is actually spent in China - the major part of it is spent in other countries, primarily on population information campaigns, contraceptives and other schooling.

Bush claims that the money in China is spent on their hard one-child-politics, including forced abortions and sterilisations. This is bollocks, and Bush knows it: UNFPA works to change the chinese politics on this field - and it's the only organisation with experience in the field. UNFPA is about life and death for thousands of women in the poorest countries in the world, and once again dubya seems to act before (or without) thinking.

Not only that - but last year, Colin Powell praised UNFPA in a major speech, for their fabulous work in the field of population problems.

But - as always - there is far more money and votes to be caught by following the fanatic anti-abortion movements, than helping women all over the world. Nice move, Bush.

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