American Center for Law and Justice. The Christian counterpart to the ACLU. They tend to fight mainly for the rights of Christians. They are often at odds with the ACLU in religious liberty cases, because with the high percentage of Christians in America, the separation of church and state is often trampled upon, and the ACLJ often defends the trampler.

They have worked with the ACLU on cases when over-careful people have infringed on the rights of Christians, however.

Founded by Pat Robertson; ACLJ head Jay Sekulow (see: Jews for Jesus) will occasionally appear on The 700 Club in essentially an ACLJ infomercial segment, extolling the latest "victories" and "challenges" (Sekulow also has his own TV show, based in Atlanta). Often those "victories" are bogus, since the religious rights being fought for are already the law of the land (see: See You at the Pole, an early ACLJ trophy). There is now an ECLJ, a network of affiliates in Europe.

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