Both a motherboard and series of motherboards from Asus for Socket A AMD processors, in the ATX form factor. The majority of the boards are based on the Via KT133A northbridge chipset, except the -VM variant, which uses the KM133. All boards have support for 100/133mhz FSB speeds, and use SDRAM.

The models are:

  • A7V133 - AGP Pro 4x slot, four ATA 100 channels, Promise RAID 0/1 controller with ATA 100 support (two of the four IDE channels are attached to this controller, and four USB ports - two on the board, the other two optional and mounted on a slot cover. Four PCI slots, one shared PCI/AMR, and three RAM slots.
  • A7V133-C - Excactly the same as the A7V133, but without the RAID controller, so only two IDE channels.
  • A7V133-M - MicroATX form factor, 3 PCI slots, AGP 4x (not Pro), two RAM slots, two ATA 100 channels, two onboard USB ports. Optional onboard audio controller.
  • A7V133-VM -The same as the -M, except using a different chipset. Built-in AGP graphics, with optional AC-97 compatible audio and integrated 10/100 networking. Plus, the heatsink on the northbridge is black!

The non MicroATX boards seem to be quite popular, due to their stability and overclocking options. I'm not too sure about the others, as they tend to be used for more specialist applications. The only problem I've had with the plain A7V133 is that my Prophet II MX refuses to work in Direct3d games, but this might be a problem with the card, and not the board.

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