Adam Buxton and Joe Cornish, two idle spongers and the stars / writers / directors / you-name-it of The Adam and Joe Show on Channel 4. Their show consisted of lots of bitching, pastiches of popular movies, ironic Beadle-esque camcorder antics, and annoying casio-driven 'pop' songs. It was cool but now it's finished. Warning! The Adam + Joe Show is a High Density Broadcast. Start taping now!

Adam and Joe's finest moment was almost certainly "Star Wars In Their Eyes", their parody of the UK TV show "Stars In Their Eyes", created using Star Wars figures.

C-3PO and R2-D2 appear as the Pet Shop Boys, and Darth Vader sings "Slave to the Dark Side" as Grace Jones. The most inspired segment, however, was minor character Hammerhead appearing as Alanis Morissette:

But what it all comes down to
Is the shape of my head head head. Because my head is like a hammer
And a hammer is like my head.

In the pre-performance chit-chat, Hammerhead indicated that he was a starship engineer specialising in the specialised area of "hammering things with my head".

It might distress some people to know that these 'idle spongers' (lackluster wastrels? gentleman rogues?) are OWs. What is an OW? An 'old westminster' - an alumnus of Westminster School in London (are you an alumnus of a school?). This is one of the oldest schools in England, perhaps 500 years, and certainly one of the more expensive. While other OWs go on to be politicians and captains of industry, A&J go on to make Ally McSqueal. Other OWs include Sir Arthur John Gielgud OM, CH Rear-Admiral Dennis Royle Cambell CB, DSC and Sir William Radcliffe Van Straubenzee (I am not making this up :). And that's just the obituaries of The Elizabethan.

Oh...and me. I'm an OW. Ahh....

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