"Just watch what I do."
-Mark, 18

"It's pretty simple really; chew with your mouth closed, stand up straight, and be polite. Beyond that, it's a matter of luck."
-Jan, 76

"Fuck that nervous crap, man, just dance with her and shit, and she'll go tell her friends 'Oh he was so nice, blah blah blah'."
-Rajeev, 22

"I don't know, you just start out being friends, and then one day you're boyfriend and girlfriend. It's weird, but it kind-of makes sense."
-Jessica, 17

"Make her laugh and you're halfway there."
-Barbara, 49

"The thing to do is to give her one of your paintings, and then she'll hang it up in her house, and when her friends see it and she tell them you painted it, then you're in.
-Simon, 26

"Just go up to her and ask her out. If she says yes, great; if she says no, then you'll be depressed for a while but you'll man up and get over it."
-Jim, 38

"You just gotta be smooth, and they come to you."
-Michael, 12

"Buy her flowers, and take them to her at work. That way all their friends can see, women love that kind of stuff."
-Martin, 49

"You have to make it really clear from the start that you don't just want to have sex with her."
-Anna, 24

"Go for de hot chicks, go for de hot chicks."
-Ben, 20

"Ask out the most beautiful girl in the room. The most beautiful woman is the one least likely to be asked out. Too many people will think that she is taken, or above them. She just wants someone to love, too. And she won't want the cocky bastard who is the guy who'll ask her."
-Ella, 31

"It's hard to say. Whatever you do, try not to fight with her. She'll make your life miserable very quickly if you fight with her."
-Bruce, 66

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