Popular actress and model in India. She is intelligent, well educated, multi-talented and definitely one of the most beautiful women in the world.

Aishwarya trained in classical Indian dance as a young girl. She started modeling in a minor way in 9th grade. She also continued to do very well in her regular schooling. In her first years at college she planned to go into medicine. She excelled in the required science courses, especially in zoology. Then her plans changed and she was accepted into an architecture program, but she decided to take a break from college and concentrate on modeling for a while.

Her growing fame as a model inspired her to enter the Miss World beauty pageant in 1994. When she won, it made her incredibly popular in India. Huge crowds cheered her in the streets when she returned home. She felt it would not be possible for her to be treated as a normal student after this. Instead, she decided to accept some of the acting opportunities she was starting to get from famous directors.

Aishwarya's first few films were not very successful, but her acting talent was clear. For her first Hindi language film she was given the award for best female debut. As time went on she made better choices in her film projects. Now she has several hit movies in her filmography.

These talents are not the only reasons Aishwarya is one of India's most popular celebrities. For example, she has pledged to donate her strikingly beautiful eyes to an eye bank, which she endorsed on national television. During her reign as Miss World, she spent most of that year raising funds for children affected by poverty.

Aishwarya was born on November 1, 1973 in south India. She has one older brother. Her family moved to Mumbai when she was 4, where they have lived ever since. Her name is from a Sanskrit word that means something like "prosperity" but with more of a spiritual overtone. It means to be rich in values and traits, not only money and fame.

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