This was the primary message behind the movie South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut. The fact that sex and "bad language" is more offensive in the united stated than graphic depictions of violence. In an analysis of this situation one can blame that this moral state exists primarily thanks to organized religion. Despite (or because of) what religious texts have said the church has always appeared to find sex (outside the procrative process) to be a greater sin than murder (or at least murder in the name of god). Throughout the ages the church has done more to make us ashamed and afraid of our own sexuality, and to take those pent-up frustrated men and women and move them to do deplorable acts of violence. Crusades, Inquisitions, crucifixions, public execution, all of these were acceptible actions in a time when the mere presence of a woman on a performing stage was deemed tawdry and offensive. This has carried down and sets a standard where children can watch network television and see people getting shot, but will never see a woman's breast. George Carlin said he'd rather have his children see two people making love than two people trying to kill each other. I tend to concur (although no tin the porno "money-shot" context, even I don't want to see that, there's a reason our genitalia was placed at waist level and not between our eyes).

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