The following is not about rational discourse. It is about anger. I am upset that religious zealots are seeking to control my life. I am sharing the depths of my frustration and rage at being a 2nd class citizen.

To the Proponents of Proposition 81,

You motherfuckers are pretty proud of yourselves, aren't you?

You beat up on the only minority it is still fashionable to hate. You were united by the hatred of a common enemy, and you won. Your hatred of us outshined our hatred of you, and we lost.

{Don't try to kid me with that "Love the sinner, hate the fact that he likes it in the butt" nonsense, because I had a big breakfast this morning and I don't want to vomit. You hate us. And we hate you. Because you are all smug little assholes.}

A Dramatization

Happy, social responsible fags: Yay, we just got married!


Fag 1: Lady, what are you doing in our house? Terry, call the police, I think she is lost.

Oppressive mouth-breather: I wish to make my opinion known about your personal relationship!

Fag2: How is it any of your business?

OMB: I am the MAJORITY. Everything is my Business. I am tired of being forced to acknowledge to my children that we don't ground you people up as dog food. I resent that you won't ever accidentally get pregnant. I want to make sure that the children I sired, which we drive around in a yellow Humvee

{because fuck all of you, if there is an accident I want my family to be just fine while yours is crushed to death}

can continue to be the worthless, stupid jizz-stains their father and I have hoped for.

Fag1: How does our being happy and loving one another cause your family any harm?


18,000 Marriages have been performed so far in California. You let those people rent tuxedos, pay for licenses, print invitations, and now you are telling them "sorry, a bunch of people you've never met have decided that you are nasty perverts and they don't like it, so knock it off you silly queers".

I wish that your children would all I cannot bring myself to wish you anything too drastic, but here are my hopes for you:


  • I hope you never win the lottery, not even a 1$ scratch off.
  • I hope if you ever visit the Louvre, the Mona Lisa will be out for cleaning
  • I hope your favorite cartoon, which is probably Family Circus, goes out of print
  • I hope your next cake gives people diarrhea.
  • I hope the prostitute you cheat on your wife with takes your wallet.
  • I hope your letter openers all go dull after only a few uses.
  • I hope you develop an agnosia that doesn't allow you to distinguish your ass from a hole in the ground, not that that would change much.
  • I hope you never get a good parking spot.
  • I hope every bag of cornnuts you open is glued too tightly, so you accidently send little nutlets flying when you open it.

I hope that before you die that you see the depths of your own hatred.

*Proposition 8 was a ballot initiative that eliminated the rights of homosexual couples in California to marry.

You won.

You passed Prop 8. Enjoy your victory while you can, for it will be short-lived. I know you like to pretend that you'll be able to keep this this up forever, but we both know you can't. I know you're not just going to give up. You can't; it's not your nature. And you know that we aren't going to give up either.

But we both know my side is going to win.

How can I be so sure, you ask? It's simple, really. Let me help you understand.

You see, for you, this is all about protecting an idea, an ideal. You claim you want to “protect the children,” but what you really mean is that you want to protect your right to keep this idea, this ideal, alive in your children's minds. The idea, this ideal is not what you think it is. No, it's not about right or wrong, it's not about tradition or morality. This ideal of yours is all about superiority. It feels good to be better than someone else. Better than almost anything else in the world, in fact. It's a crutch you lean on because a great deal of your identity is based not on who you are and what you do, but on who you aren't and what you abstain from.

What are we fighting for? Not what you think we are. This isn't about us wanting to change what marriage means or forcing your churches to change what they think of us. This is about us fighting for our dignity, our standing as decent human beings. This is us protecting our families, not from some idea that we find distasteful, no, but from people and institutions who don't want us to exist. This is us fighting for our right to self-determination. This is us fighting for our right to be there for each other when we die, to be there for our children when our partners pass away. This is us fighting for love, for equality and for what we know deep deep deep in our hearts to be right and just.

It would be so much easier if you just gave up now. You'd be doing yourself a favor, really, because we will win this. We have justice and love on our side. You have fear and some dusty books. We are not going to give up, and we will do whatever it takes. You won't be able to ignore us. You've pushed us into a corner; we're done with being nice.

One day, you will look back on this moment and feel shame. Your children's children will think less of you for this. And you will have spent all that energy, money, and time for nothing.

Because we aren't going anywhere. We WILL win.


Really, there's only one thing you can say to people like that:

It doesn't make anyone go away, be quieter, or think that you're special. We'll see you next time, and next time, and next time.

Better luck in 'heaven', you nutters.

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