A syndicated comic strip written and drawn by Bil Keane. The strip has been in syndication since 1960. The daily comics typically are a single panel, while the Sunday color strips can go as high as 3 panels.

The strip relates moments in the lives of a typical family, based upon the creator's own family. The family consists of two parents and their four children. The children are Billy, Dolly, Jeffy, and P.J. The children, like nearly all children in comics strips are eternally young. The family has two pets: a dog named Barfy and a cat named Kitty. The family is also visited occasionally by grandparents.

The Family Circus does not generally hold up very well after one gets out of the early grade school years. The jokes usually are based upon words misspoken or misused by the children or concepts that youngsters haven't yet grasped. The sentiment can be pretty saccharine on occasion, but then most readers aren't expecting biting social commentary or razor wit.

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