A term used vacuously to describe sex. The concept of being “balls deep” into something or somebody insinuates that you have achieved full penetration, that the shaft of the penis is fully enveloped and the balls rest against the outside of the orifice. This term is almost constantly used in a negative or masochistic light, as in the following quote:

“He’s balls deep in that whore every night and I haven’t been laid in three years. It’s not right!”Bill Hicks

It’s also used to describe being heavily involved in an action. This use describes that the speaker is usually right in the middle of something.

“I was balls deep into this book when the phone rang.”

Still another use for this term is to say that you are overwhelmed. Usually involving some laden responsibility that the speaker is unhappy about.

“Dude, you going to Shana’s party tonight?”
“Nah, I’m balls deep in homework.”

We all, man or woman, find ourselves balls deep throughout our lives. We are balls deep at work, balls deep in debt, balls deep raising our kids, or balls deep in a bad marriage. While I would rarely use the term to describe the action myself, I enjoy being balls deep as often as I get a chance. While challenging and intimidating, there’s nothing quite as comforting as being balls deep. Being fully committed. Giving it your all, so to speak.

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