Anarchy is the concept of the human race without any authority or organized leaders. This notion gained its pop-cultural popularity through *some* of the punk movement in the 1970's-80's. Today's anarchist population consist mainly of teenage pot smokers, who don't realize that this concept is impossible, especially if they plan to achieve it by skateboarding and dying their hair blue.

Example: The kids today who endorse this ideal (unknowingly, perhaps) are trying to be a part of something. They are trying to be accepted, to be cool. Being cool is a social peg, it's a notch above the "uncool" kids. This is a form of organization, a primitive bureaucracy. Bureaucracy is government, which defeats anarchy.

In any society, animal or human, there are leading members of that society. To create a utopia without a given leader, everyone needs equal representation in the group. (People realized this about 1700 years ago, with the Roman Senate). The whole goal of *realistic* anarchy (a world where everyone is equal) is being (slowly) moved toward with the evolution of organized civilization. If anything, MORE government is the answer to the goal of anarchy.

A final thought to the anarchist skate punks of today: You still want anarchy? You go ahead and show what you think of "the man." Go buy your anarchy patches and stickers at Hot Topic...and PAY THE SALES TAX THAT STRENGTHENS THE GOVERNMENT YOU PROTEST.

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