The Stoner's Study guide

These are just a few things I have learned the hard way being a stoner in college.

1. Take breaks often.

Your mind is a delicate thing, and can often become overloaded with information. Take a break, get some food, watch TV, smoke a cigarette or something. Anything to take your mind off the tedium and pressure slowly building up in the back of your head. Just try to avoid getting stoned unless you retain information easily. Everything2 is a great place to either gain or release ideas, depending on your mood.

2. Read Slowly

Reading and keeping the things you read is a difficult thing to do sometimes. Read and re-read things as many times as you feel necessary. I often read things that I need to know until I can recite them in my burned out mind without looking.

3. Avoid music/distractions while studying.

Once again, your mind is a very delicate thing, especially after getting stoned frequently for a while. Things like music and television are great things to relieve stress while taking a break, but they can easily kill your valuable study time when you really need to get something done.

4. Aim for Good Feng Shui

The better you feel while you're studying, the better your time spent will be. Find a place you enjoy being, that makes you feel good. That's the place you will be most likely to retain more. I have a quiet room in my basement with a bunch of plants and a desk that I go to.

5. Reward yourself for spending the time.

You did, afterall, take the time to sit down and learn something, so take the time to reward yourself afterward. Hell, go get stoned, play frisbee or something you enjoy doing. You'll be more likely to feel better about studying when the next time comes.

Just a few things I've learned from my short time in college, and they've greatly improved my time spent studying, and made time for more important things, like smoking. If you can't get rid of a habit, you might as well learn to live with it!

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